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Storm Damage Roof Repair Company

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Storm Damage Roof Repair

There were 6.2 million properties in the U.S. affected by hail damage last year alone.

Hail, strong winds, debris, falling trees, and other damaging elements of a bad storm can wreak havoc on your house. From damaged and missing shingles to a leaking roof, there's a lot to worry about.

When the storm passes, you need a reliable storm damage roof repair company on your side. You want someone compassionate and experienced like Patriot Construction.

Use this guide to choose a company for your emergency roofing services.

storm damage roof repair

Get an Estimate

After a major storm, some roofing companies may reach out with unusually low rates, trying to attract business. And while the low cost might seem like a good deal at the time, it doesn't always mean quality work.

storm damage dayton ohio

You want an estimate, so you know what to pay and also to avoid working with the wrong companies. Always get an estimate from your roofing company first.

Getting an inspection and an estimate will let you know about the extent of the storm damage and what needs to be fixed. For instance, a few damaged shingles should be easy to repair and might only cost a few hundred dollars. But if there are any underlying issues, such as anything that affects the integrity of your roof, you'll want to know how much to set aside.

Ask About Qualifications

Contracting companies must have insurance. If their contractors and subcontractors aren't insured, that's a red flag that something is wrong. It can also get you in legal trouble if anything happens on your property.

Hire only licensed, insured, and certified contractors to work on your home. If you can't find this information on their website, you can always call the company to ask. Most will be happy to answer your question.

While you're asking about qualifications, be sure to ask about warranty options as well. You want to go with a company that offers a strong warranty for peace of mind.

emergency roofing services

Choose an Established Company

You'll want to go with an established company that's been in the area or in business for a while.

Storm Damage Roof Repair

The longer they've been in business, the more reviews they've accumulated. Plus, these businesses have likely dealt with storm damage before and know how to handle it.

Established companies are also less likely to close down and leave you high and dry should you need to call anyone later on.


Read Reviews and Testimonials

If you're like 97% of the consuming public, you read reviews before choosing to hire a local company.

Reviews will tell you a lot about a company, from their work ethic to their customer service. They also tell you a lot about the customer's overall satisfaction levels.

If you've never hired a company for emergency roofing services before, taking a few minutes to read any reviews or testimonials can tell you whether a business is worth your money.

Patriot Construction has worked hard over the years to maintain our 5 star Google review rating and prove our commitment to excellence.

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Storm Damage Roof Repair
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Not only do we get the job done properly, quickly and at a fair price but we're also happy to help every step of the way with your insurance claim. We do our very best to make this entire process as hassle free for you as possible.

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